Servo motor
  • asda a2 delta

    Delta A2 servo motor

    Delta ASDA-A2 series features built-in electronic cam (E-CAM) function . ASDA-A2 series also supports various industrial communications protocols, such as CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT .vibration suppression and gantry control functions help to perform complex motions that require high precision and smooth operation. The 20-bit superior resolution encoder which is essential for accurate positioning applications is equipped as standard.Innovative editing software(ASD-SOFT)and high-speed PC monitoring (similar to a digital oscilloscope)let the use easy.

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  • delta asda b2

    Delta B2 servo motor

    ASDA-B2 series supports 17bit (160000 ppr) high resolution encoder and meet UL, cUL, CE, and RoHS standards.The power rating of the ASDA-B2 Series ranges from 0.1kW to 3kW.With the help of ASD-SOFT soft, fast programming and debugging can be realized.

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  • delta ethercat servo drive

    Delta EtherCat servo motor – A2-E

    Delta EtherCat servo motor A2-E is Delta’s EtherCAT network communication servo motor, which has the performance characteristics of Delta A2 servo motor. It built-in safe torque stop function STO (Safe Torque Off) ensures that the motor will not continue to run without torque energy. The motor power range includes 400V models (400W~7.5kW) and 220V models (50W~3kW).

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