• Servo motor

    Servo motor integrates the motion control functions of some hoster, the electronic cam (E-CAM) which can meet various flying shears (Flying Shear) and Rotary shear applications, the new position control mode (PR Mode) is different from the traditional position control mode. Supports multiple motion control network functions (CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT), allowing users to connect smoothly whole system. Full closed-loop control, automatic high-frequency resonance suppression (Auto Notch Filter), cantilever beam sway suppression (Vibration Suppression ), Gantry control function (Gantry ), high-precision 20-bits encoder, are a powerful helper for precise positioning Innovative ASDA-Soft programming software and high-speed monitoring oscilloscope are powerful tools for users.

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  • VFD

    Rich product line , meet the needs of different applications. Delta C2000 Plus series, optimized on the basis of Delta C2000, greatly improved the overload capacity of the variable frequency drive . LCD liquid crystal display panel can display multiple languages, excellent four-quadrant Torque control/limit,
    Built-in high-speed communication interface for CANopen and MODBUS communication (for installing PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP and EtherNet/IP expansion cards), driving induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors simultaneously, meet global safety standards, including CE, UL And cUL.Delta MS300 series, Delta standard compact VFD.Compact space design, the volume is up to 40% smaller than delta c2000 , built-in RS-485 (Modbus) and various communication card options: CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet , MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT.

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  • PLC

    The high-performance motion controller DVP-MC series can control up to 24 axes through the motion port. Supports single-axis motion commands, including speed, position, torque, and homing commands, as well as multi-axis commands, such as electronic gears, electronic cams, rotary cutting, and G codes.
    The compact PLC DVP-SS2 series requires less installation space, built-in RS-232 and RS-485 ports, and is compatible with Modbus ASCII / RTU protocol.

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  • HMI

    Delta’s HMI products provide various communication ports for fast communication and convenient control of a diverse range of machines, systems and facilities. The color touchscreen enables intuitive parameter entry and a variety of ways to display variable data, including trend graphs and alarm elements.The high resolution LCD display visualizes operating, monitoring and efficient control in real time. In addition, the user-friendly editing software guides users in quickly creating easy-to-navigate visual icons and easily designing intuitive monitoring screens for applications, while making adjustments, scheduling, and programming operational sequences that enhance flexibility and save development time. This achieves rapid system development that simplifies wiring and installation, saves operating expenses, and makes systems more efficient, eliminating time-consuming adjustment and additional maintenance costs.

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  • Pressure sensor

    Delta DP series pressure sensor integrates a controller and a sensor, which is different from the traditional pressure sensor detection component and the controller’s independent installation method. Delta DP series pressure sensors need smaller installation space, output sensitiver signal response and accurater measurement.

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  • Temperature Controller

    Delta DT series temperature controller has fast output response, accurate PID parameter auto-tuning, supports the Modbus communication protocol and is built-in with various output types, allowing different systems to reach a stable control status very quickly. In addition, all series comply with international installation dimensions as well as CE and UL international safety approvals.

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  • Planetary gearbox

    Haina planetary gearbox provides efficient transmission solutions for various servo motors and stepper motors, with efficient transmission efficiency, good durability and excellent accuracy. Flexible modular design can be used for servo servo motor with different mounting flanges

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