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PRDH series

Haina PRDH series planetary gearbox has the advantages of low noise, high output torque and low backlash. It can transport the motor power output to the load end smoothly.Haina PRDH series planetary gearbox is widely used in the aerospace industry, semiconductor equipment, tool machinery, Industrial robots, medical inspection equipment, various automation industries.

High rigid body, high precision, high efficiency


● Haina PRDH  planetary gearbox adopts helical gear design,  the gear profile meshing rate is more than twice that of the general straight planetary gear . Compared with the straight gear planetary gearbox, the helical gear planetary gearbox  runs smoother,  lower noise, higher output torque and lower backlash.


●  The accuracy of the planetary gearbox with a reduction ratio of 10 or less is less than 6 arcmin ,the transmission efficiency is more than 97%;  The accuracy of the planetary gearbox witha reduction ratio of more than 10 is less than 9 arcmin ,the transmission efficiency is more than 94%.


● The planetary gears and sun gears are made of high-grade nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel (SNCM220). After cutting, they are vacuum carburized and heat treated to a hardness of 57 ~ 60HRC, the gear surface is ground to ensure that the gear accuracy is within DIN6 grade. Nitriding treatment on the surface, wear resistance and impact resistance, toughness and longer life.

Integrated planetary arm bracket  and output shaft and dual support  bearing


● Integrated planetary arm bracket  and output shaft ,the output torque   is  large ,the radial load capacity is  strong.



Integrated  gearbox body, high protection Class


● The planetary gearbox and the inner ring gear adopt an integrated design with high precision (DIN6 grade). Anti-rust treatment on the surface to improve environmental resistance and corrosion resistance.

● IP65 protection grade , high dustproof, waterproof, long life.

Modular motor connection flange plate


● Customize the integrated installation of the motor mounting flange plate, the mounting flange is customized according to the customer’s motor installation size requirements. The flange plate is made of 7075 aviation aluminum profile, which is formed by CNC accurately processing. The flange is high strength, high installation accuracy and good coaxiality.


Haina PRDH series planetary gearbox catalogue
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