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Opportunities in the epidemic Automation helps the glass industry break through the plight!

For the glass deep processing industry, the new crown epidemic in early 2020 is too late. The market demand that had gradually recovered in the second half of 2019 was interrupted by the epidemic for several months. In the subsequent process of resuming work and production, they also encountered the dilemma of “difficulty in recruiting”, “difficulty in resuming work” and severe labor shortage. Enterprises have been unable to start operations, and production plans have been disrupted. Many companies have orders in hand, but are desperate.


It can be said that an epidemic has fully exposed the status quo and weaknesses of the glass deep processing industry. Compared with the “assembly line” of upstream glass original manufacturing, the deep processing industry is still a “labor-intensive” enterprise. The development of enterprises is limited by the lack of manpower, the scale and efficiency are difficult to improve, the cost is high, and the profit is thin. Once there are market fluctuations, or facing an irresistible natural disaster, it will cause huge losses and drag down the business development of the enterprise.

In this crisis, there is also an opportunity for the transformation and integration of the glass processing industry. And this opportunity is the transformation and upgrading of automation and intelligence. With this measure, glass processing companies can greatly reduce labor constraints, greatly increase production capacity and quality, and then form economies of scale, reduce costs, and provide companies with competitiveness.


For many years, Delta has been providing automation solutions for the glass processing industry. In cooperation with industry customers, Delta can provide a complete set of industry application solutions ranging from single automation equipment such as edging, chamfering, and grinding, to complete automatic production line control, and equipment networking solutions.


The automated CNC glass machine production line built by Delta for customers uses Delta’s new universal NC200 series controller, which uses a cost-effective embedded hardware design, with Delta’s dedicated servo series, spindle, man-machine interface and new The first generation of communication network DMCNET carries out high-speed data transmission and control to meet the needs of high-speed and high-precision processing.

Based on the accumulation and mastery of industry data, Delta has optimized algorithms for glass edging and other processes, and can provide various customized services such as progressive compensation, non-standard graphics program development, and macro calculations. The operation interface can also be designed and defined according to customer needs, and the operation is very convenient.


After adopting this scheme, the manpower requirement for a single production line of glass processing has been reduced from 4 people to only 1 person for smooth operation, and the efficiency and quality have also been greatly improved.

Based on the application of equipment networking, Delta’s new generation equipment networking platform product DIALink can effectively manage CNC numerical control machine tools and PLC control equipment, collect field equipment data and interface with the upper management platform through a unified interface, and provide visual information to reflect the manufacturing process. Parameterize the working status of equipment and realize the concept of Internet of Things in factory automation with edge computing capabilities. Make the production management, order scheduling, and equipment monitoring of the entire production line more real-time and efficient.


Today, the epidemic in China has been fully controlled, and the resumption of work and production and school in all areas of social life are also being carried out in an orderly manner. After experiencing short-term demand depression, the glass market will usher in a positive outlook. The companies that can take the lead in transformation will have the opportunity to stand out in the next market game and establish the advantage of being a leader and even an industry leader. Delta will, as always, provide industry customers with the most reliable automation and intelligent solutions.