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DOP-100 series

The DOP-100 Series Human Machine Interfaces include a Basic HMI, Standard HMI and advanced HMI for different applications. They are equipped with the HMI programming software DOPSoft 4.0 and built-in Lua editor for easy programming as well as alarm / history log / user authority functions for highly efficient management.

Model description, guided Product selection


● Delta DOP-100 series touch screens provide a variety of models to meet various application demand. The user can easily select a suitable HMI according to the required size or function.



Cloud integration function: DOP-100 M, W, I, E, D series


● Built-in VNC Server, DOP-100 HMI can be remotely monitored ,user can operated  it on different OS platforms through VNC Client APP.

● Support remote operation lock function, when the on-site personnel operate, the remote operation lock can be activated. At this time, the remote VNC can only monitor and cannot operate to avoid the on-site/remote operation being out of sync.



Basic HMI: DOP-100 B , basic network HMI DOP-100 D


● DOP-100 B HMI is built-in one physical communication port, IP65 protection level,  CE/UL certification.

● DOP-100 D HMI is Delta’s basic network type HMI. Added Ethernet function on the basis of basic HMI. DOP-100 D HMI is built-in  one physical communication port and one physical Ethernet network Communication port.



Standard man-machine interface: DOP-100 C, E, I


●  DOP-100 C HMI is   built-in  2 physical communication ports, DOP-100 E HMI  is  built-in 2 physical communication interfaces   1 Ethernet network ports, DOP-100 I HMI is  built-in 3 physical communication ports   1 Ethernet network ports,  it can communicate with host computer or PLC and other lower devices through high-speed Ethernet;IP65 protection grade;CE / UL certification.



Advanced HMI: DOP-100 W, M HMI


●  DOP-100 W HMI  is built-in more than one set of physical communication port + 1 set of Ethernet network port, DOP-100 M HMI is  built-in two sets of physical communication port + 2 sets of Ethernet network port, adopting wide screen and narrow frame design , Support Ethernet communication.

●  Support 16 languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Italian and Polish.


Delta DOP-100 series HMI catalogue&use manual
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue Date
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-100 series HMI catalogueEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-100 series HMI Transition ManualEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-100 series HMI New Functions Operating Instruction ManualEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-100 series HMI certifications
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue Date
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-100 series HMI CE certificationEnglish2020/7/22
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-107BV HMI CE certificationEnglish2020/7/22
Delta DOP-100Delta DOP-100 series HMI UL certificationEnglish2020/7/22
Delta DOP-100 series HMI dimension
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue Date

Delta DOP-103W DOP-103BQ HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-107BV DOP-107DV HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
DOP-107EGDelta DOP-107EG HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-107EV DOP-107CV DOP-107IV HMI _dimensions/a>English2020/7/23

Delta DOP-107WV HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
DOP-110CSDelta DOP-110CS HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
DOP-110WSDelta DOP-110WS HMI _dimensionsEnglish2020/7/23
Delta DOP-100 series HMI software
Software NameDescriptionOperating SystemLanguageIssue Date
DOPSoft V4.00.08.21delta DOP-100 series online programming softwareWindows 7 32bit/64bit, Windows 10 32bit/64bitMultilingual2020/7/22
Delta DOPSoft User ManualDelta DOPSoft User ManualEnglish2020/7/22