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Delta c2000 VFD

Delta c2000 VFD is a feature-rich product developed for the general VFD market.Delta c2000 VFD adopts the outstanding 4-quadrant torque control/limit design, with strong transient overload capacity, built-in CANopen and MODBUS communication (optional cards for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP and EtherNet/IP),
It can communicate with various controller.Delta c2000 VFD adopts LCD liquid crystal panel display, which can display English、繁體中文、简体中文、Türkçe、Русский、Español、Português、français,it is helpfull for the user all over the world.

Design for easy use


●  Delta c2000 VFD is equipped with LCD display panel, which can display English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Türkçe
Русский, Español, Português, français. No matter where is your customer from , he can use the C2000 LED panel to achieve handy operation.

Speed/torque/synchronous position control mode; dual design, it can be used for both synchronous and asynchronous motors


●  Delta C2000 series VFD are suitable for induction motors with PG card feedback/without PG card feedback and permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Outstanding four-quadrant control technology


● Four-quadrant loads usually start and stop frequently. This type of load requires the motor to output enough torque during the start process, and requires fast energy recovery during the stop process. The underlying algorithm of  Delta c2000 VFD adopts four-quadrant vector control. The hardware discards the common diode/silicon controlled rectifier technology and adopts a reasonable four-quadrant hardware optimization structure, which  can easily handle four-quadrant loads such as elevators, cranes, pumping units, and punching machines.


Support various network communication protocols


● Built-in CANopen fieldbus MODBUS RTU communication function, optional DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus TCP and EtherNet-IP communication function.



Global certification: CE, UL, cUL, EAC


● Delta C2000 VFD  Got CE, UL, cUL, EAC and other EU countries required market certification, and meets the industry requirements of most countries in the world.


Global after-sales, global joint guarantee



● If you purchase Delta products through our company, when your products are damaged during overseas use, we will assist you to get in touch with the local Delta agent or branch and ask them for assistance.


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Delta VFD-C2000 series catalogue&use manual
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue Date
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive catalogue_EnglishEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive catalogue_SpanishEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive user manual_EnglishEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive user manual_RussianEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive user manual_SpanishEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000Delta VFD C2000 Series Vector Control Drive user EMC Standard Installation GuideEnglish2020/7/25
Delta VFD-C2000 certifications
Product NameDescriptionLanguageIssue Date
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000 SEMI-F47_CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000 CE_CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000 UL CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000 ROHS_CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000_TUV_CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000 C-tick CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
VFD-C2000DELTA VFD-C2000_Conformity_CertificateEnglish2020/7/25
Delta VFD-C2000 series dimension
Product NameDescriptionFrameLanguageIssue Date
VFD007C23A, VFD015C23A, VFD022C23A, VFD037C23A, VFD007C43A/E, VFD015C43A/E, VFD022C43A/E, VFD037C43A/E, VFD040C43A/E, VFD055C43A/E, VFD015C53A-21, VFD022C53A-21, VFD037C53A-21DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 575V series_FRAME-AAEnglish2020/7/25
VFD055C23A, VFD075C23A, VFD110C23A, VFD075C43A/E, VFD110C43A/E, VFD150C43A/E, VFD055C53A-21, VFD075C53A-21, VFD110C53A-21, VFD150C53A-21DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 575V series_FRAME-BBEnglish2020/7/25
VFD150C23A, VFD185C23A, VFD220C23A, VFD185C43A/E, VFD220C43A/E, VFD300C43A/E, VFD185C63B-21, VFD220C63B-21, VFD300C63B-21, VFD370C63B-21DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-CCEnglish2020/7/25
VFD370C43S, VFD450C43SDELTA VFD C2000 460V series_FRAME-D0-1D0-1English2020/7/25
VFD370C43U, VFD450C43UDELTA VFD C2000 460V series_FRAME-D0-2D0-2English2020/7/25
VFD300C23A, VFD370C23A, VFD550C43A, VFD750C43A, VFD450C63B-00, VFD550C63B-00DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-D1D1English2020/7/25
VFD300C23E, VFD370C23E, VFD550C43E, VFD750C43E, VFD450C63B-21, VFD550C63B-21DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-D2D2English2020/7/25
VFD450C23A, VFD550C23A, VFD750C23A, VFD900C43A, VFD1100C43A, VFD750C63B-00, VFD900C63B-00, VFD1100C63B-00, VFD1320C63B-00DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-E1E1English2020/7/25
VFD450C23E, VFD550C23E, VFD750C23E, VFD900C43E, VFD1100C43E,
VFD750C63B-21, VFD900C63B-21, VFD1100C63B-21, VFD1320C63B-21
DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-E2E2English2020/7/25
VFD900C23A, VFD1320C43A, VFD1600C43A, VFD1600C63B-00, VFD2000C63B-00DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-F1F1English2020/7/25
VFD900C23E, VFD1320C43E, VFD1600C43E, VFD1600C63B-21, VFD2000C63B-21DELTA VFD C2000 230V 460V 690V series_FRAME-F2F2English2020/7/25
VFD1850C43A, VFD2200C43A, VFD2500C63B-00, VFD3150C63B-00DELTA VFD C2000 460V 690V series_FRAME-G1G1English2020/7/25
VFD1850C43E, VFD2200C43E, VFD2500C63B-21, VFD3150C63B-21DELTA VFD C2000 460V 690V series_FRAME-G2G2English2020/7/25
VFD2800C43A, VFD3150C43A, VFD3550C43A, VFD4500C43ADELTA VFD C2000 460V series_FRAME-H1H1English2020/7/25
VFD2800C43E-1, VFD3150C43E-1, VFD3550C43E-1, VFD4500C43E-1DELTA VFD C2000 460V series_FRAME-H2H2English2020/7/25
VFD2800C43E, VFD3150C43E, VFD3550C43E, VFD4500C43EDELTA VFD C2000 460V series_FRAME-H3H3English2020/7/25
VFD4000C63B-00, VFD4500C63B-00, VFD5600C63B-00, VFD6300C63B-00DELTA VFD C2000 690V series_FRAME-H1H1English2020/7/25
VFD4000C63B-21, VFD4500C63B-21, VFD5600C63B-21, VFD6300C63B-21DELTA VFD C2000 690V series_FRAME-H2H2English2020/7/25
Delta VFD-C2000 series software
Software NameDescriptionOperating SystemLanguageIssue Date
VFDSoft V1.58Delta C2000 series VFD online debugging softwareWindows? XP SP3 (32bit Version), Windows? Vista Sp1 (32bit Version), Windows? 7 (32bit Version, 64bit Version), Windows? 10 (32bit Version, 64bit Version)Multilingual2020/7/25
VFDSoft User GuideDelta C2000 series VFD online debugging software user manualEnglish2020/7/25