About Zhangjiagang Haina Automation Equipment co,. Ltd:

We are a company specializing in industrial control area. We cooperate with chinese leading industrial equipment manufacturers”Delta Electronics”. We provide accurate and efficient solutions for major plants around the world. At the same time, we are also actively investing in research and development, with independent independent property rights products. At present, we have developed a high-performance inverter B&L series and planetary reducer PR-100 series.

Haina Automation was founded in 2013. After 8 years of growth, we have accumulated unparalleled experience. In many cases, customers usually do not need to have a wealth of automation experience, just give us their demand, we can specify the right solution for the customer.

Our customers are located all over China and in various industries. Among them are the civilized global bearing manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, plastic machinery manufacturers, beverage industry manufacturers, textile industry manufacturers.

  • Unparalleled Expertise.

    With extensive application experience in a variety of fields, Haina Automationengineers can always help customers make the right choices. Haina Automation has always maintained sufticient technical cooperation with Delta and has a wealth of application cases in our database

    Whether you need precise motion control or camplex logic contral Haina engineers can create superior apolications for you in a limited time

  • Research and development.

    Our application engineers are all from the design department of Delta. We not only represent Delta’s products, we also designed and developed planetary reducers, general-purpose inverters.
    We provide OEM foundry services to  distributors around the world.

  • Cooperation with Delta

    Since 2013, we have become an important  partner of Delta Electronics on the China. We are located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu
    Province, our company has a large number of inventoryproducts, we are only 60KM away from the Delta Wujiang factory. So we
    are able to offer shorter lead times ,lower prices.than other suppliers.